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How myofunctional therapy, orthodontics, and other appliances could treat your sleep apnoea

treat sleep apnoea orthodontics myofunctional therapy brisbane

How Dental Pearls is tackling sleep apnoea with a combination of myofunctional therapy and adult orthodontics Sleep apnoea affects more than 5% of adults in Australia, and that figure is on the rise, which makes the work being done at Dental Pearls in Brisbane all the more important. Sleep apnoea…

Myths and misconceptions about dental veneers

porcelain dental veneers

Dental veneers are an effective solution for improving the appearance or restoring the function of your teeth If you have chipped, cracked, stained, or worn teeth, dental veneers are an ideal treatment to help rejuvenate the aesthetics of your smile. First used in Hollywood during the 1930s to quickly improve…

Veneers; the secret behind many a perfect smile

dental veneers

Have you ever looked at people on television or in magazines and wondered how they have such perfect smiles? Their secret isn’t Photoshop; it’s something far more permanent, and it’s available to you too! Veneers are thin facings which cover the front surface of your tooth. They can be used…

Chocolate and your teeth: it’s not all bad news

Chocolate and your teeth: it’s not all bad news | Dental Pearls

Or: why eating chocolate, and other sugary snacks, in moderation is okay. It’s Easter soon. The shops are full of chocolates of various shapes and sizes as well as hot cross buns. School holidays are on the horizon, and dentists are becoming busier than ever. Is eating chocolate really as…

How bad are sports drinks for your dental health?

How bad are sports drinks for your dental health? – Dental Pearls lets you know everything about sports drinks and their effects on your oral health.

Let’s not sugar-coat it… How bad are sports drinks for you? Many of our patients don’t feel properly educated, and as their health professionals, we want to ensure the public hears the truth about foods that are marketed as ‘healthy’. If we want to see a decline in the need…

Only floss the teeth you want to keep

Only floss the teeth you want to keep | Dental Pearls

Only floss the teeth you want to keep... This is a common saying in the dental world. According to the ADA, 31% of Australians do not floss daily. We have all heard that flossing is important, but most people would just rather skip it. A good analogy of flossing is…

Don’t always consult ‘Dr Google’ for dental advice

Don’t always consult ‘Dr Google’ for dental advice | Dental Pearls

In recent years, the growth of the internet has been unsurpassed by any other technological means. Consulting the internet for just about anything is common practice in this day and age. However, there are some circumstances where the internet just isn’t sufficient. Just because you can read about rocket science…

Transform your smile with our teeth whitening and veneer options


Over time, teeth naturally lose their whiteness and everyday life will leave its mark on our smiles in the form of chips and cracks. Luckily, with modern dentistry, we can transform your smile and bring it back to its former glory or completely renew it. A brighter smile can improve…

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