Easy meals for braces

Food and Braces

If you or your child has braces, you will understand that snacking on a granola bar on the go is not the best option and can cause damage to the braces. Sure, there are plenty meals and snacks out there that are suitable for those with braces, but with busy schedules, not many people have time for extensive meal prep. These quick and easy meals are braces-friendly and take no time at all to prepare.


Crunchy cereals may not be the best option for braces. These choices will ensure that your stomach is not rumbling throughout the day and your braces remain intact!

Cottage Cheese Cups: Pair with fruit or enjoy the savoury version with a slice of bread and an egg.

Overnight Oats: Instead of taking 10 minutes to cook piping hot oatmeal and sitting down for another 10 – 15 minutes trying to cool it down, whip up some easy overnight oats the night before.

Breakfast Burritos: For a heartier breakfast, grab a pack of frozen breakfast burritos. Most of them are made of soft, chewable ingredients, like chorizo, potato, beans, and eggs.

Ready-to-eat boiled & peeled eggs: Many grocery stores sell hard boiled eggs which are already peeled for you! Making this a super convenient option – especially on the go.




These options are great for lunchboxes!

Pasta salad: make your own or buy one ready-made at the grocery store.

Cooked salmon or chicken: you can easily find cooked salmon or chicken at the deli. pick up a larger portion and save it for more dinners and lunches the rest of the week.

Soup mug: If your teeth are feeling a little sensitive after your braces have been tightened, a good old cup of soup is a fantastic option!

Tuna sandwiches: This delicious lunch can really hit the spot. Word of warning: Enjoy cold – warming up your tuna in the office microwave will NOT make for happy colleagues!

Mashed potato mug: while this does not make for a full meal, it does make for a great side.


Curry: Not all curry is spicy! If you are a fan of spicy food, however, you can have curry as hot as you like. You can pick up curry blocks, curry paste, or even curry microwave meals to make a quick meal without having to season or chop anything yourself. Curry can be as chunky or creamy as you choose, so you can customize it to your preference – a blessing for anyone with braces!

Rotisserie chicken: No time to cook a hearty roast chicken for dinner? Many grocery stores sell them ready cooked. Coupled with a side of veggies and grains, a whole chicken can provide you with a whole week worth of meals!

Beans and lentils: Beans and lentils are a great source of protein. Tip: The longer they’re microwaved/boiled/fried, the softer they get.

Microwave lasagne: Of course, you can make your own lasagne from scratch, but sometimes time just is not on your side. A quick and easy microwave lasagne is just as tasty and can be prepared in a fraction of the time!

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