What can happen if you don't go to the dentist?

Do you find it hard to take the time to look after your oral health? It’s easy to put off going to the dentist and many people view it as uncomfortable, time-wasting and expensive. However, not seeing the dentist regularly usually ends up much more uncomfortable, time-wasting and expensive! Do you want to know...

  • Nine serious things that could happen if you don’t go to the dentist?
  • The importance of dental check-ups and cleans?
  • And how to regain and improve your health if the damage is already done?

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Toothache FAQs 

What causes toothache?

Toothache can be due to a number of reasons ranging from abscesses to damage. If you are experiencing prolonged bouts of toothache, it is advised that you visit your dentist to get to the root of the issue.

How can I avoid toothache?

Following a good oral care routine can help prevent issues that may lead to tooth pain. You should also visit your dentist on a regular basis so that in the event of an issue that can lead to tooth pain, the adequate corrective measures can be put in place before the issue worsens.

Is toothache normal?

It is never a good idea to make assumptions regarding your oral health. Even if you believe a toothache is mild and of no cause of concern, your dentist will be able to give you a more accurate answer.

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