Dental Implants Brisbane

At Dental Pearls we offer dental implants through the most sophisticated and up-to-date treatment methods, using the best from Straumann Swiss supplied implants.

Dental implants are an advanced and highly effective means by which to reinstate the strength, function and visual appeal of a mouth which has suffered from the detrimental effects of tooth loss. At Dental Pearls, we use the very best from Straumann Swiss supplied implants.

The absence of teeth can be the cause of numerous oral problems – not just in the area affected but also throughout the whole face and jaw. Areas left exposed by tooth loss are inevitably more prone to trauma, pain and infection, but the loss of support to the remaining teeth and gums can be equally damaging.

Each tooth serves as a stabilising force for its surrounding counterparts. Once it has been removed the strength is lost, causing a gradual shifting and weakening in the overall structure of the mouth over time. The knock on effect of tooth loss can be a loss of support to the facial muscles and the gradual sagging of features (premature aging).

What are dental implants?

Made from a combination of biocompatible materials, dental implants combine the strength of a titanium ‘anchor’, which is attached to the underlying jawbone, with the natural durability and cosmetic appeal of a porcelain restoration.

The dental implant procedure

The initial dental implant procedure involves a period of time in which the implant ‘root’ is positioned within the jaw and then allowed to fuse, over the course of several months, with the surrounding bone.

This process (known as osseointergration) enables the core strength of your natural teeth to be effectively maintained. In comparison to alternative treatments such as removable dentures, dental implants provide a much more natural and durable substitution.

Once the fusion of bone and titanium root has been established, the next stage involves the gentle reopening of the gum tissue. A post is then positioned into the root and another period of healing is generally allowed before an artificial crown or restoration is positioned to complete the implant process.

Dental Implants Brisbane

The end result is the effective and permanent dental restoration of your natural teeth and an increased ability to embrace a happy and healthy smile.

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