Dentures Brisbane

Where either complete or partial tooth loss has been experienced, dentures can provide an effective solution to the problem.

While we have a range of options available in the effective treatment and restoration of tooth loss, there are a number of factors which are in need of consideration before any one route is embarked upon.

While some people may choose to opt for dental implants as a suitable means of reinstating dental composition, the procedure can sometimes prove unsuitable for all individuals. Concerns such as a lack of necessary bone structure in the underlying jaw could lead to the need for a bone graft. Other concerns such as costs, the need for surgery or the possible failure of the implant could mean that an alternative treatment may be more appropriate. A denture can help your chewing, help you bite and restore the appearance of your smile.

Complete and Partial Dentures

Dentures can be constructed in both complete and partial format and are created to suit the individual mouth, both in terms of their comfort and visual appeal.

Their removable nature allows for an ability to keep both the denture and gum clean, with little interference or difficulty in accessibility to these areas. Comparatively, this issue can sometimes be experienced after bridge treatment, where debris and bacteria may harbour between the bridge and gum if insufficiently maintained and cleaned.

Dentures are a highly cost-effective means of replacing lost teeth as they do not involve the extended and complex treatment needs of dental implants. Dentures are often considered a more accessible option and can reduce the level of treatment needed to achieve a successful solution.

Dentures Brisbane

Dentures are personally designed to suit each individual. Once Dental Pearls has thoroughly assessed your oral condition, you can be confident that you are achieving the most effective solution to your tooth loss issues, in a way that suits your personal needs and unique situation.

At your initial consultation, we will assess your oral health and determine what the best restorative treatment for your teeth is. Depending on the level of treatment you require you may need several appointments.

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